designing & building websites…
that you can easily edit & update yourself


My first career love was music, which I did professionally for many years. After my husband and I had our daughter, I pursued my second love: my interest in design, graphics, fonts, puzzles, and computer technology. Website development is a perfect fit for me. I was soon doing websites for family, friends, and my daughter’s school, so it was a natural step to build a business.

I designed and organized an intranet for 20,000 information screens for a major corporation. From that, I learned a lot about information hierarchy and intuitive navigation. I took web-study courses at International Webmasters Association (IWA) and received a certificate in Professional Web Design with a concentration in Advanced Web from Sessions college. I attend monthly local WordPress Meetups and annual WordCamp weekends. Changes in technology are happening at lightning speed, so I’m on a lifelong path of learning.

Oh – and my last name is pronounced “NASH-us.”

Connie Nassios