“From initial ideas to final site, Connie made this entire process extremely easy. She was super fast with updates and even conducted a call teaching me how to make simple edits myself going forward. I would highly recommend her for any website services.”

Joe Bohringer

I could go on and on, believe me. It was a joy to work with you and the results have reinvigorated me a hundred times ten. Your ability to put all of that in such a deliberate and artful way is very impressive.

I sent out an email to 2,000+ and you know the results are usually not very encouraging..However, on this one, I had a lot of enthusiastic feedback, esp regarding the fab website.

I am forever grateful and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Michael Kearns

Working with web designer Connie Nassios was an absolute joy. Connie made the process fun, stress free and understandable. She communicated with me at every bend in the road making the end result exactly what I had hoped for…actually so much better than what I had hoped for.

Not only was the end result beautiful, the functionality of the site is great, flowing and making sense to anyone exploring it.

I am beyond grateful to Connie for building a web site that I’m truly proud to have people peruse!

I recommend her highly!!

Suzi Stern

Connie proved her expertise time and again over the course of our project. I was launching a new business so it’s an understatement to say having an impactful website was important to me. I was very specific in some areas and very ambiguous in others, and she was able to roll with it and bring everything together into a unified look and message. We were working with a decent volume of video and stills, and she was able to resolve technical hurdles and conform content to optimal web standards while maintaining high aesthetic quality.

Connie’s a great collaborator, quick to respond and timely in her work. I couldn’t have done it without her!

John Rantz

When I initially met with Connie, she took the time to understand what I was hoping to accomplish with WorldQuestTours.com. A few days later, Connie proved a good listener, amazingly insightful and wonderfully creative as she delivered a site mock up that was far from my initial vision, yet exactly what I needed — with a fitting logo and color scheme to boot. Throughout the process, Connie was exceptionally patient and easy to work with. She listened to suggestions and then went beyond expectations to improve the website design to align with my evolving understanding of my business needs. I am thrilled to have found Connie and lucky to have entrusted her with designing a key asset for the success of WorldQuest Tours.

Douglas Friedman
WorldQuest Tours

I was fortunate to have Connie Nassios taking on the task of designing our new Piano Academy website.
Connie used all the elements of our old and obsolete site and created a brand new layout which was from the get go very attractive and professional. In the process of fine-tuning the information and the site’s layout Connie was very skillful and knowledgeable and attended to our many requests promptly. She offered us helpful suggestions and advices to better present our school to the online community. Last but not least, Connie was wonderful and easy to work with, her warm and enthusiastic personality made the process of creating our new site a great experience. I would recommend Connie to anyone needing a professional looking website done in a timely manner.

Laurie Robinson

Connie was amazing with all the skill and insight she brought to developing our website. Visits to the site shot up as she was able to anticipate what people were looking for and and facilitate the best way to get it to them. She was a pleasure to work with and I am amazed at how she understood so completely how to make our website a great communication tool.

Karen Broderick
PTA President

We got in touch with Connie Nassios when we needed help updating our website, after having a pretty lousy experience elsewhere. Connie was easy to communicate with and had great suggestions. Before offering her input, she keenly listened to what we wanted her artistic sensibility is quite evident. She took care of every detail in a timely matter, and has remained fully available to answer our questions and make tweaks more than a year later.

Marion Motz
Navigatio College Consulting

Connie is the consummate professional. We co-designed the site, and found a unique and personal way to open up my business persona to the internet. Our meetings took place in a rapid sequence of clear tasks that resulted in a beautiful and effective web page for my work as a writer and educator.

Charity Hume

My business is both creative and technical in nature, and I needed a website that could reflect both of those things in a way that was dramatic and appealing. It also needed to have a LOT of photos, and organizing those to look their best and still be easy to navigate was a challenge.

Connie was a true partner in making it happen. She did extensive research to see what other photographers were doing, not only from the standpoint of what worked, but just as importantly, what didn’t. She presented design solutions for displaying images and text, seamless navigation of the site on all platforms, and even suggesting a better hosting company than what I had been using.

Connie took what could have easily been a huge headache to organize and execute and instead made it a collaborative experience that was actually fun! The end result is exactly what I had hoped for, and in many ways, even better because of her expertise, attention to detail, and creative input. The site just launched and I’ve already received a ton of stellar feedback.

Highly recommended!

Moses Sparks