Moses Sparks

My business is both creative and technical in nature, and I needed a website that could reflect both of those things in a way that was dramatic and appealing. It also needed to have a LOT of photos, and organizing those to look their best and still be easy to navigate was a challenge.

Connie was a true partner in making it happen. She did extensive research to see what other photographers were doing, not only from the standpoint of what worked, but just as importantly, what didn’t. She presented design solutions for displaying images and text, seamless navigation of the site on all platforms, and even suggesting a better hosting company than what I had been using.

Connie took what could have easily been a huge headache to organize and execute and instead made it a collaborative experience that was actually fun! The end result is exactly what I had hoped for, and in many ways, even better because of her expertise, attention to detail, and creative input. The site just launched and I’ve already received a ton of stellar feedback.

Highly recommended!